Seven (7) things you need to know

Whatever you create, there are seven (7) key things you need to know about how to effectively and efficiently lead a diverse and complex mix of stakeholders to successfully complete your project.

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Design thinking

Design thinking (also known as human-centred design) allows professionals from every industry to embrace problems and create solutions that are user-centric in design and effective in implementation.

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Integrating agile

Agile is a style of project management that has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to uncover and remedy client expectations early and deal with an ever-evolving scope of work.

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Leading change

Many organizations are set up to promote stability, routine and predictability. Yet the operating reality is that we are subject to continual pressure for change. So when should organizations embrace and pursue change?

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Outsourcing the provision of goods and services comes with huge expectations. You need to operate transparently and achieve value for money, all while navigating a complex web of procurement legislation, policies and procedures.

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Project leadership

Going beyond task and team management, project leadership asks you to harness the competing energies of a unique, complex and unfamiliar group of stakeholders to achieve a specific outcome with limited time and resources.

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Steering not rowing (project governance)

Whether a project is large or small, innovative or similar to other projects, governance and administrative support will be needed. The type of governance and level of support will vary considerably between projects of different types and complexity.

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On-demand webinars

Extending OPEN, the Center for Project Innovation’s instructor-led webinar series builds on our highly interactive philosophy of learner engagement. Exclusively available for organizations and groups.

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