Explore our library of free tools and templates for project managers covering every stage of the project life cycle. From project initiation and planning to delivery, close and review, we’ve got you covered.

Downloads include copyright-free PDFs and excel spreadsheet templates which are provided free of charge by the Center for Project Innovation under a GNU General Public License.

Project sizing calculator

Use this guide to determine whether you need a particular asset or template in your project.

Project initiation

Project concept canvas

The project concept canvas is a one-page, at a glance brief used by decision makers to test a project idea and evaluate whether it should be advanced to either a business case or project plan.

Project risk profile tool

The project risk profile tool is used to evaluate the risk to an organization of proceeding with a project against a set of common criteria. Among other things, it can guide the level of project management effort required.

Project stakeholder register and engagement plan

The project stakeholder register and engagement plan captures and prioritizes key project stakeholders, their communication expectations and requirements and can be used to log stakeholder contact.

Empathy map (print)

An empathy map is a simple, easy-to-digest visual quite often used in agile projects that captures knowledge about a user's behaviors and attitudes towards a project feature, output or deliverable.

Empathy map (digital)

The digital version of the empathy map allows project teams to collect common data on a range of intended users of a project feature, output or deliverable for future analysis.

Simple business case

A simple business case captures in summary form the logic for commissioning a project, comparing the deliverable recommended with other options considered, including the 'do nothing' option.

Detailed business case

Don't be put off by the length of this document! As with all our templates, the detailed guidance text is intended to assist and should be removed before publication.

Project planning

Simple Gantt chart

This simple Gantt chart documents a project’s high-level work breakdown structure (WBS), budget and schedule and can be used to track project progress. It is based on a template sourced from Vertex 42.

Simple project budget

It is important when preparing a project budget that project managers consider all the likely direct and indirect costs of project delivery, and allow appropriate contingency and management reserves.

Project risk register and management plan

This lean and efficient multivariate risk register allows the consideration of multiple potential triggers for each risk and evaluates the impact of each risk on the project's time, cost, scope and other factors.

Project position description

On complex projects, it is necessary to prepare position descriptions for new team members that are linked to the tasks in the WBS they are required to perform.

Request for proposal (RFP)

A request for proposal (RFP) template is a standardized document used by organizations to solicit bids from potential vendors or service providers. It outlines the project's requirements, criteria for selection, and instructions for submitting proposals

Project delivery

Project status report and lessons log

This iterative spreadsheet documents project performance in a period (and status at a point in time) alongside significant issues and risks. It also acts as a real-time lessons log, encouraging users to document the lessons learned in each performance cycle.

Project change request

When requesting changes to a project's scope, schedule or budget, it is important that the impact of the change is considered across a range of factors, including project outcomes.

Project close

Project reflection template

To continuously improve as an organization that delivers projects, it is important that project managers and team members routinely reflect on their individual and collective performance.

Project review template

Significant projects should be independently reviewed against a range of criteria so that lessons can be learned and recommendations made that might improve future performance

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