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Here at the Center for Project Innovation, we’ve crafted a project management certification program just for you — the military community. This includes active-duty military, veterans, National Guard, reserves, and their spouses.

Our program takes your already proven skills from military service and builds on them, helping you manage projects better or even prepare you for a new career in the civilian world.

Your military experience counts

We know that you’ve delivered projects – lots of them.

We also understand that the leadership and project skills you've gained in the military are valuable. When it comes to certification, you shouldn't have to start from the bottom.

So, we did something unique.

In partnership with the US Department of Defense and services in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and NATO, we became the first industry certification body in the world to map your military rank to project management experience.

Try our handy rank-to-certification calculator to see where you stand.

Why get certified in project management?

More job choices

With project management certification, you'll be in high demand in almost every field.

Better pay

Project management certification can boost your promotion or earning potential by 20%

Improved skills

Agile, nimble or old school - there's more than one way to deliver a great project.

New connections

As a certified professional, you'll be part of a worldwide community.

I'm interested

Start a conversation with one of our global network of military mentors to get started today

Why certify with us?

Made for the Military

We've created this program specifically for you and your unique experiences

Lifetime certification

Once you get certified with us, it's for life. No need to renew it

Speak your language

Our teachers have been in your shoes. They're veterans and skilled project management professionals

Real people and projects

Live assessment interviews with no rote memorization or pass/fail exams.

Learn your way

Take our program online or in-person, and learn at a pace that works for you

We’re global

Certification is your passport to careers worldwide. Our alumni practice in 47 countries (and counting).

Did you know?

Our program is not tied to a single methodology or approach. It's about giving you a universal language of project management that fits any situation. This way, you'll be more confident managing any project, in the military or the civilian world.

Hear from our alumni

Ramiro Villalobos
Certified Project Director (CPD)

Learn how Ramiro’s experience in the military set him up for a career in project management. See how CPI certification helped him transfer his military experience into the civilian workplace.

DeVon Hankins
Certified Project Director (CPD)

Learn how servicewoman, DeVon, successfully applied her skills from the military in her civilian career and how project management certification has been a key part of that.

Angus Peacock
Certified Project Director (CPD)

Learn how Angus transferred his skills from the Royal Navy into a dynamic project career from banking and finance in Chain to professional sport in the US, and how CPI certification helped along the way.

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