The Certified Project Officer (CPO) credential is your globally recognized passport to professional project success.

It proves to employers you can take on whatever task they give you, manage resources, and deliver results on time.

Think of it as a universal skill booster. Whether you're studying engineering, business, arts, or sciences, CPO certification supercharges your academic degree, making you stand out in any field.

  • Free certification: Save US$250 on lifetime certification as a CPO and get an automatic discount of US$100 on higher-level certifications as your career advances.
  • Practical skills: Project manage your studies and future career.
  • Post-nominals: Represent yourself on LinkedIn and in professional settings as Jane Smith, CPO.
  • Competitive advantage: Add a professional credential increases your employability and potential for higher salaries
  • Lifelong learning: Access ongoing resources and professional development opportunities

We believe in enabling the next generation of project leaders and innovators.

TUSA members represent Tasmania's future workforce, and we're excited to equip you with and recognize these valuable skills that will serve you throughout your career.

TUSA members can qualify for free CPO certification by meeting one of these criteria:

  1. Completed and been assessed on at least 25 hours of project management coursework, or
  2. Complete OPEN, CPI's free online project management program

To redeem this offer, use the coupon code "TUSA" when applying for certification.

This offer is only valid for a limited time, so get started today!

Apply for your free CPO certification today and unlock your full potential as a project leader.


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