Embracing AI for Project Risk Management
Center for Project Innovation

Explore how AI, through generative models like ChatGPT and Google Gemini, is reshaping project risk management by enhancing predictive accuracy and decision-making.

Project Management for Freelancers and Solopreneurs
Center for Project Innovation

As an independent freelancer or solopreneur juggling multiple roles, it can be incredibly challenging to keep all your projects organized effectively. With client work, administrative responsibili...

Project Management for Investors
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Successful investment and quality project management go hand in hand. Explore how project management can enhance investment practices.

9 Interview Tips for Project Managers
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Unlock the secrets to acing your project management interview with these expert insights and stand out in the competitive landscape of project leadership.

Adaptive Resilience and the Proactive Management of Risk
Center for Project Innovation

“The fundamental paradox is that change is essential, and yet stability is necessary.” C.S. Holling (2000)

The Center for Project Innovation Joins Forces with the Bahrain Society of E....

Center for Project Innovation

In a significant stride towards enhancing the landscape of engineering and project management education, we are thrilled to announce the collaboration between the Center for Project Innovation (CP...

Is Becoming a PMP Worth It?
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The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one of the most widely recognised in the world, but does it make you a better project manager?

Project Management in Publishing
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Project management plays an essential role in the world of publishing. Here’s why.

Seven (7) Things You Need to Know About Project Management Certification
Paul Muller

Choose the right project management certification for industry recognition, job prospects and higher earnings. Learn more about the options and how they compare to each other.

US Department of Defense x Center for Project Innovation
Kerry Lotzof

In partnership with transition programs and the GI Bill, the Center for Project Innovation has helped more than 20,000 US Veterans transition to civilian careers with project management skillsets.