Certified Project Officer (CPO)Assessment Application

A Certified Project Officer (CPO) is a fundamental contributor to any project team.

They have proven via examination that they can employ project management knowledge in a wide variety of settings, taking responsibility for their own work performance.

Certified Project Professional (CPP)Assessment Application

A Certified Project Professional (CPP) applies contemporary project management tools, techniques and methods to the unique context of each project they undertake.

They identify and respond proactively to project risks, opportunities and issues, keeping stakeholders fully informed throughout.

Certified Project Master (CPM)Assessment Application

A Certified Project Master (CPM) is a project leader and innovator.

They have been independently assessed against a broad range of project management competencies, and can apply a suite of specialized technical and managerial skills to initiate, plan, deliver and evaluate their own project work and the work of others.

Certified Project Director (CPD)Assessment Application

A Certified Project Director (CPD) has the proven ability to lead multiple complex projects, programs and portfolios of work.

They make high-level autonomous decisions and use initiative and judgement to navigate a diverse range of activities that span functions, organizations, regions and cultures.

Certified Project Trainer (CPT)Assessment Application

A Certified Project Trainer (CPT) is a proven project expert who communicates knowledge, facilitates learning and inspires the next generation of project leaders.

They bring coursework to life with a worldly repertoire of experiences and stories, while applying high standards of professionalism in all aspects of training and assessment.

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